The Real Truth About Losing Weight And Making Gains

making gains

Anyone on a fitness journey knows that losing weight and keeping weight off is a real challenge. It also requires a lot of change! Not only are you changing your physique, but you also have to make some mental changes too. It’s so easy to fall off track when we start seeing results, but it’s the last thing we should do! If you really want to avoid gaining weight, start making gains, and reaching maximum fitness, then you have to be willing to break old habits.

Fitness + Bad Habits = No Weight Loss

By now, we already know that ingesting more calories leads to weight gain, but that’s not the only issue. You also have to make the choice between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Take a moment to think about your own behaviors. Are you really boosting performance if you’re still following bad habits? Are you working out better and more efficient but still eating like trash? If so, then fitness and bad habits will still result in no weight loss and no gains. And even you do have results, that doesn’t exactly mean you’re healthy.

Boost Performance By Identifying Your Bad Habits

If you’re ready to boost your performance, then consider making a list of your own bad habits. To help you get started, consider these six unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain:

  • Eating while watching TV
  • Buying snacks
  • Consuming pre-cooked or canned food
  • Poor portion control
  • No meal planning
  • Eating at fast food restaurants

Another thing that most people don’t consider is their workout routine. Is it boring? Too challenging? Easy to blow off? If so, make some changes! Don’t choose anything you can’t stick with. Workout smarter and work out better, but don’t workout boring. Select workout routines that not only boost your performance but also that keep you interested.

Make A Choice To Break Bad Habits

After you commit to making better choices, then stick to it. Sure, it will be difficult in the beginning, but it’ll become routine after a while. Once you’re comfortable, start easing in more good habits. Look into ways that you can shorten your recovery time, improve your workout, and increase your energy.

Supplements like arginine can help you work out better and more efficiently. What’s also helpful is eating foods that help with losing weight and making gains.

Make Gains, Not Excuses

Once you start making changes, you’ll also stop craving bad food as often. Some people actually feel repulsed about some of their previous unhealthy behaviors. It is this shift in mindset that will stop you from making excuses in the future because you know excuses don’t breed results.

Building Muscle and Breaking Bad Habits = Great Results

There is nothing more discouraging than noticing consistent results and then suddenly gaining all of your weight back. You don’t want bad habits to be the reason that you lose course! If you choose to follow good habits, then they’ll naturally become a part of your routine.  Don’t make excuses, make gains.