Dr. Harry Elwardt is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritional Counselor. He is also the CEO and Founder of The Health Guardian, a website and workshop program dedicated to the education of holistic healing. He has received his diplomas from The Trinity College of Natural Health located in Warsaw, Indiana.

Dr. Elwardt has been working in the alternative medicine field for 17 years and is passionate about helping people through naturopathic therapies. He has been a featured speaker on many radio and television programs. Dr. Elwardt is author of the book “Let’s STOP The #1 Killer Of Americans TODAY,” a natural approach to preventing and reversing heart disease. Dr. Elwardt has served on the Medical Advisory Board for Nutrition & Kids, Life Mission International, The Bahamas Health Institute, Ark World International, ForMor International, Good Life International and Best Life Worldwide.

Although Dr. Elwardt specializes in preventing and reversing all forms of cardiovascular disease, he also dedicated to helping the person who is interested in upping their game whether in an aerobic workout, anaerobic workout or athletic performance. Thus Max Fitness™ was born with this special warrior in mind!