3 Ways To Increase Energy (And Improve Performance)

We’ve all had those days where you just wake up tired even after a full night’s rest. Unfortunately, most of us can’t just lay in bed and ignore our responsibilities, so we’ve got to get up. If you often wake up feeling exhausted, then consider these three ways to increase energy. Exercise To Increase Energy…read more

3 Smart Strategies To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight is actually keeping it off. In the beginning, we’re excited about shedding pounds and seeing gains, but then all of a sudden we hit an unforeseen plateau. Here are three smart strategies you can follow to lose weight and keep it off! Use Workout…read more

Effects of Highly a Acidic Diet

Healthy Living is Important Maintaining a balanced pH level is vital for living a healthy, disease free lifestyle. The food you choose to eat contributes to either rising, lowering or maintaining the pH level balance in your body. The pH scale goes from levels 0 to 14. The scale demonstrates the level of acidity to…read more

Fats – Do You Really Need Them?

Do we need Fat? For many years, fats have been ruled unhealthy, and for many, they have been almost eliminated from their diets. So the question is, do we really need them? This article will dig deeper into the topic, as one must know whether or not this macronutrient belongs on their plate. Let us…read more

5 Clean Eating Foods You Should Add To Your Diet NOW!

What is ‘Clean Eating?’ Many Americans eat large amounts of junk food and other processed items that leave them feeling physically sluggish and emotionally and mentally drained. However, there is another way to eat and it’s called ‘clean eating’! Clean eating is eating raw or natural foods that have not been processed, which is easier…read more


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