My wife and I have been using MAX Fitness™ daily for the past 2 1/2 years. I recently received my test results from all the exams and blood work done and the results were astounding! Every test came back in the Normal to Good range! Not a single elevated risk factor remains in my body. It is so reassuring to have actual documented proof of the contribution MAX Fitness™ played on the REVERSE EFFECT of all the damage that was done to my body in the past.

Pete Rostosky
Former #63 Pittsburgh Steelers

My name is Al Sewell and I love to run. I’ve been running since age 10 and ran in my first Boston Marathon as a senior in high school in 1967. I came in 50th place and Sports Illustrated named me as the 50th best marathon runner in the world. In 1968 I won the Athens Marathon in Athens Ohio and was accepted to the 1968 U.S. Olympic Team to compete in Mexico City. In 1980 I was again accepted to the U.S. Olympic Team to compete in Russia, unfortunately the United States decided to boycott that Olympics. I am currently 58 years old and I still run 20 miles three days a week and ride my bike 20 miles the other four days. I still compete in five national marathons each year including: The Boston Marathon, The Athens Marathon, The Honolulu Marathon, The Music City Marathon held in Nashville and The Flying Pig Marathon held in Cincinnati. Since I began taking arginine I immediately noticed an increase in stamina and endurance. I could not believe how I was no longer exhausted after a 26 mile run. The other great benefit I noticed was my recovery time after a run was cut by 50 percent. I will never run without taking my arginine. Last year in the Honolulu Marathon I placed 400th out of 35,000 runners. Not bad for a man in his fifties. I attribute my ability to compete and my continued enjoyment of running to arginine!

Al Sewell Cincinnati, Ohio

Arginine helped control my high blood pressure, but I was completely  amazed how after six knee surgeries my workout performance dramatically improved along with my recovery time. I look forward to introducing arginine to former and current baseball players and helping them improve their performance on and off the field.

Dave Parker
Former #35 Pittsburgh Pirates

I truly believe this product will transform lives. I have seen my bench press in the gym go from 185lbs to 315lbs in just 2 months. What is interesting is that in all the years that I have lifted, I was never able to go past 245lbs and here at 56 years of age this is happening and I know the only changes I’ve made is use the arginine. It is also increasing my sex drive and motivation and confidence”.

Thanks a million.
Dr. Tom Miller


I have been hiking in the mountains in southern Germany and have both energy and cardiovascular endurance to spare. In fact, I am the fastest of the group even though many of them live in the area and are seasoned hikers.

The area is near the border of Austria and has the highest mountains in all of Germany.

Although I am lean and fit to begin with I don´t remember this kind of exertion being so easy … we have done as much as 11 hour hikes with considerable elevation gain and it was rather easy for me.

All the best,

Alfred (the mountain goat)


After taking arginine, I can tell there is no bad smell, no aftertaste, no tingling, no nervousness, and no “caffeine high.” Instead, I feel like I have been in a health spa for 2 weeks! I feel absolutely wonderful and revitalized, and I can tell you how welcome this feeling is to me. We have such a powerful product to share with people and now the waiting is over. Charme B.

Just thought I would drop you a quick email of thanks for your amazing product.